Trailed vertical TMR feed mixer SILOKING TrailedLine Classic

Trailed vertical feed mixers from 5 m³ to 25 m³


Trailed vertical TMR feed mixer
SILOKING TrailedLine Classic SmartFuttermischwagen Mischwagen  SILOKING Compact

The entry into perfect mixing performance with a hopper capacity of 5 m³

The SILOKING Smart has been developed with two important facts in mind – minimum cost with maximum reliability!

It fulfils these requirements in a perfect way, offering proven SILOKING Technology that is reliable as usual. The compact design provides it with optimal manoeuvrability for flexible use and makes it the first choice especially for smaller farms.

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Trailed vertical TMR feed mixers
SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Compact Futtermischwagen Mischwagen SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Compact

The medium range – compact with the benefits of a big feed mixer, with hopper capacities from 7 m³ to 14 m³

The SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Compact range with one turbo auger is ideal even for use in confined buildings, e. g. with small and low barn passages. The short chassis of the TMR mixer is particularly flexible and easy to manoeuvre. The drive and the frame are designed for maximum continuous load even in this range. Comprehensive serial equipment, such as the 2-speed gearbox from model Compact 10-T upwards, the underrun protection with lighting and the ladder mounted to the frame is SILOKING standard. A large variety of discharge options is offered to suit any farm, from feed discharge via discharge doors on the right or on the left, through the SILOKING Cross conveyor belt at front or at rear, to an additional foldable conveyor belt for very high troughs.

Thanks to its hopper geometry and the robust drive, the TMR mixer can be used not only for standard mixes but also for breaking up round bales and for cutting long-fibred feed.

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Trailed vertical TMR feed mixers
SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Premium

Futtermischwagen Mischwagen SILOKING TrailedLine System1000 4535 The heavy-duty range with comfortable professional equipment, with hopper capacities from 9 m³ to 14 m³

The frame and the drive are designed for maximum continuous load and the standard equipment including comfortable steps from both sides and the SILOKING Cross conveyor belt makes it the professional machine for daily feeding. The platform with aluminium step treads provides convenient and safe access from both sides of the TMR mixer. It is mounted onto the frame itself so that the operator climbing onto it is not weighed, which is particularly important, e. g. when adding mineral feed.

The SILOKING Cross conveyor belt at front with slats of different heights and two-sided drive via 2 hydraulic oil motors belongs to the standard equipment of the vertical TMR mixer, just as much as 4 load cells from model Premium 11 upwards.

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Trailed vertical TMR feed mixers
SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 Classic Duo

Futtermischwagen Mischwagen SILOKING AvantThe range for big mixing volumes and confined barn passages, with hopper capacities from 12 m³ to 25 m³

The TMR feed mixer SILOKING Duo with 2 turbo augers addresses the workload of large farms and farms with narrow barn passages. With its 2 high-performance turbo augers, the vertical TMR mixer SILOKING Duo offers enormous capacities, even with longer transport distances and big herds. The 2-speed gearbox as standard equipment and the appropriate hopper geometry offer smooth operation and optimal mixing results. SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Duo 14-T has a total height of just 2.45 m.

Futtermischwagen Mischwagen SILOKING Avant



The SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Duo can also be equipped with a tandem axle for high load and long driving distances.



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data 100 %

Feeding control


more Especially high weighing accuracy
Square-bar frame with load cells in a special position


moreShort mixing times & optimal preservation of feed structure
Optimal hopper geometry and turbo auger


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