SILOKING StaticLine 4.0 stationary mixing and dosing systems

Stationary vertical mixing and dosing systems from 8 m³ to 80 m³


Stationary mixing and dosing systems
SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0Stationäres Mischsystem

Stationary vertical TMR feed mixing and dosing systems from 8 m³ to 40 m³ with optional loading or unloading conveyor

SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0 is perfectly suited for integration into indoor feeding systems (farms with stationary feeding systems or Feed Centers).

Compact design
The motor and the planetary gearbox of SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0 vertical mixing and dosing systems are interconnected and are located under the mixing hopper in a protected position. This makes it possible to load the machine from any side and offers free working area around the mixing system. All vertical mixing systems are provided with a SILOKING 4-planet gearbox with a maximum torque of 52,000 Nm. The reinforced bevel gear system and 100 % oil lubrication offer high operational reliability. The SILOKING Turbo auger works at an ideal auger speed of 18 rpm for mixing and 38 rpm for complete emptying.

Complete or integrated – you have the choice
SILOKING StaticLine Feeding 4.0 vertical mixing systems can be simply integrated into existing systems or be delivered as complete “plug and play” installations. The weighing system can be equipped with interfaces for easy connection to external control systems.

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Stationary mixing and dosing systems
SILOKING StaticLine Biogas 4.0

Futtermischwagen Mischwagen SILOKING TrailedLine Classic Compact

Stationary vertical mixing and dosing systems with hopper capacities from 9 m³ to 80 m³

SILOKING StaticLine Biogas 4.0 has been developed for biogas plant operators who attach great importance to highest possible gas yield and low energy consumption.

Cutting, mixing, storing, dosing
SILOKING vertical mixing and dosing systems cut long materials, provide a homogeneous mix and can be used as storage tanks. Together with the appropriate feeding technology, they ensure exact and failure-free feeding of substrates into the fermenter. Operation of the subsequent feeding system is smooth and torsion-free. All parts getting into contact with feed are made completely of stainless steel.

SILONOX as standard
The mixing hopper is made of SILONOX as standard. In order to protect the hopper wall and bottom against acid and wear, they are equipped with SILONOX as standard. SILONOX is made of a stainless steel alloy with outstanding wear resistance. It is very resistant against corrosion, acid, chemical and mechanical wear. The mixing augers are available made completely of SILONOX as an option.

Exact planning, modular design and easy installation
The design and the equipment of SILOKING vertical mixing and dosing systems are adapted to the conditions and the requirements on site. The professional service includes exact planning, detailed drawings and complete documentation, taking also into account any fire protection regulations and system requirements. Installation on site is very easy with the simple design and the pre-assembled components.

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Acid-resistant load cells

The load cell casings have a fixed connection to the torsion-resistant frame, which avoids torsions even with bigger distances between the load cells. The pin-point weight transfer ensures accurate weighing. In addition, acid-resistant load cells and additional protective covers provide long life.


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Control cabinet – installation-ready

The electric equipment of the installation, such as frequency converter and electric fuse protection etc., is placed inside a ventilated control cabinet. SILOKING offers this control cabinet for the operation of the mixing unit as an option. Customized solutions are implemented to fulfill any specific customer wishes and requirements.


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more Especially high weighing accuracy
Square-bar frame with load cells in a special position


more Maximum durability
SILONOX in the complete hopper as standard


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