SILOKING eSilokamm

eSilokamm elektrisches Silage-Entnahme- und -Verteilgerät 100 % electric self-propelled silage collection and distribution machines

SILOKING Silo griff e.0 eSilokamm

100 % electric self-propelled silage collection and distribution machines from 3.6 m³ to 4.2 m³

The eSilokamm offers the solution for farms with narrow barns, low buildings or without an existing loading technology. It is a self-propelled silage collection and distribution machine with 100 % electric drive for traction and hydraulics for emission-free and noiseless working. All work processes – from feed collection in the silo through the transport down to the distribution in the barn – are comfortably controlled “from one seat".
Two speed ranges, i. e. 0 to 10 km/h and 0 to 14 km/h are possible, which saves time when travelling between the silo and the barn. For loading the battery, the farmer can use his own low-cost electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

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 Everything at a glance


  • Operational reliability thanks to proven components from applications in electronic industry and tried & tested SILOKING Feeding technology
  • Easy charging between feeding times




  • 100 % electric drive through wireless battery operation
  • Ergonomic multifunctional joystick


  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • User-friendly and well-arranged
    driver’s cab
  • Clean, zero-emission, noiseless

   truckdata 600


  • 1 man, 1 machine
  • Low operational costs (no diesel consumption, possibility to use your own electricity)
  • Energy storage when using renewable energies
  • Compact and highly manoeuvrable electric self-propelled TMR mixer also for old buildings, farms with confined conditions and new barns


  anschieber 600


Additional equipment
  • Hopper for concentrates
  • Lighting
  • Tyres at rear 31x15.5-15
  • Colour camera system incl. 2 cameras


more100 % electric
Innovation & experience united

more 100 %

100 % silent – 100 % emission-free
Silence in the barn & CO2-neutral

more Low-cost animal feeding instead of cheap grid feeding
Save money by using your energy

more = 2 h

Driving on a single charge
Refuelling as simple as charging the smartphone


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